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Recover Deleted Text Messages 

Did you accidentally delete all text messages from your phone? Do not panic! You can recover your deleted messages with the correct software - this provides that this piece of memory on your phone was not overwritten by an application update, file download or anything else. So, grab your phone and let's get back to those text messages. Before start, I want to say it doesn't matter you use iPhone or Android. here is a solution for all. So let's begin to Restore Deleted Text Message guide:

Recover Deleted Text Messages


Recover Deleted Text Messages From iOS Device


Recover Deleted Text Messages
In past, if you have ever backed up your iPhone data to iCloud or iTunes, you should be able to restore your iPhone text messages and all the data from that backup. 

You have to note one thing, if you enable this syncs messages across the device, you need to use the same Apple ID and Password for that. 

Unfortunately, the only way to recover messages via iCloud backup is to delete your iPhone completely and try to recover it from iCloud backup, as long as you have received any messages before deleting the text messages. Check Settings> [your name]> iCloud> Manage> Storage> Backups

If you do this, you may need to perform a factory reset before restoring your iPhone with your iCloud backup. Note that the latest successful iCloud backup time/date is available below the Backup Now button.


Recover Deleted Text Messages
Image: Techadvisor

  • If iCloud doesn't work, there are two other options to try. First, you can recover deleted text messages with iTunes backup. This can often be the best way. 
If you did not disable the automatic sync option in iTunes, you should have made a backup unless you have synced with your PC or Mac.
  • Connect your iPhone to the PC and sync it to. iTunes should be open (if not, manually open) 
  • Your iPhone should appear at that time. Select it. 
  • Now select ‘Restore Backup’. 
  • All the data that you backed up previously will now replace your phone's data. It will take a few minutes. Unless you back up these messages the next time you delete them, they should now appear on your phone.

Recover Deleted Test Messages from Android Device

This is the best thing I recommend, take a backup of your whole device. Because anyone can't know hen the disaster happen. So that time this backup will help you.
If you have a relatively new Android phone, backing up your text messages is easy. First, check if Google Drive is installed on your phone. If it doesn't, you can find it on the Google Play Store; Open the store and search for "Google Drive" it will be a free download.
Once Google Drive is downloaded, open it, then sign in if you need your Gmail name and password, and click the three lines in the upper left-hand corner. Then select Settings and select Google Backup.
Recover Deleted Text Messages

This will open a menu and then select the SMS message. If Google Drive is pre-installed on your phone, it will already back up your messages, but otherwise, just enable it and it will save the text. However, you will not have long; Google Drive updates its backups every 12 to 24 hours, so if a message is deleted, restore it immediately.
Unfortunately, this is an archive: it is not searchable for a message and you cannot retrieve just one. So if you need to only recover one or some selected messages, you can't. 
If you want a full-featured tool that doesn't involve your phone, use Helium, which uses your desktop computer and can store certain messages as well as your entire Android data.
I just remember one thing, did you know how to send messages from your desktop without a cellphone? This guide ill help you and I think you just have to know.

Restore Deleted Text Messages using Third-Party App

If any of those tow options are not worked, then we have to launch the Atom-bomb. Okay okay, it’s not Atom-bomb exactly but with this method, you have to spend some money on it and there is absolutely no guarantee for work. Actually, I will prefer all the free methods because that has soo much kick. 

We haven't used any of these, but some third-party applications seem to have a good online reputation in this matter: PhoneRescue by iMobie, Enigma Recovery, WonderShare Dr.Fone for iOS, iMyFone D-Back Data Recovery and Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery.

Wait a minute, I think I have to explain one of these third-party tools and also how should it have to use in iPhone and Android. It's not possible to explain all of these tools, but I can explain one of this. So read all these carefully and also remember every single step.

How to recover deleted text messages using MobiKin Doctor for Android

At first, you have to install MobiKin Doctor on your PC. After installing the program on your PC and attaching the device, you will be prompted to allow Mobikin to access your phone. Within seconds, your Mobikin will have a preview of your text messages on the main screen and it should be quick to retrieve the data and back it up to your PC.

  • Once you plug in your phone, a screen will appear automatically. You can see it will detect your device and also show you when it ill ready to start the recovery process(in the background it will analyze your device to prompt). 
  • After it is connected and analyzed, your phone's data will be displayed on the screen, such as model number, system version, etc. and you will be given the choice of what kind of data you want to recover. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can see there are several options to recover: contacts, photos, messages, call logs, photos, videos, audio and documents. Just select 'Message' and click Next.
  • Your data will be restored in a few moments and will appear as shown in the screenshot below. You can also select all options if you want to recover all the data, but here we only need to select the “messages” section. 
  • In some case, we have tons of unnecessary messages on our phone. In this method, you can filter your required and important messages from the list. Just click all the checkboxes only that you want to recover, or Select all from the Top bar. Click on Next and select Restore
  • After your data is restored, you will be asked to save it directly to your PC. Choose or create a folder where you want to store your messages.
Recover Deleted Text Messages
Image: Mobikin | In this image e select "Call Logs", but you have to select "Messages"

How to recover deleted text messages using MobiKin Doctor for iOS

It works a bit differently depending on whether you are running Mobikin Doctor from your Mac computer or Windows PC.

Mobikin Doctor (Mac version) 

  • You don't really need to connect your iOS device to Mac to make it work. Just turn on Mobikin Doctor and it will automatically detect and display all the iTunes files on your iPad, iPhone or iPod that are synced to iTunes with your Mac. 
  • The data in the iTunes backup file will be categorized in the specified folder. Click on these folders You can preview the detailed contents in the right panel.
  • Find the data you want to extract or restore, and then check them one by one.
  • Press the "Recover" button to save the files exported to your Mac computer.

    Recover Deleted Text Messages
    Image: Techadvisor

    Mobikin Doctor for iOS (Windows version) 

    • At first, connect your iOS device to PC, launch Mobikin Doctor and press 'Start Scan'. 
    • Wait for the scan to complete.
    • Data received on the device will be categorized into specific folders. Click on these folders You can preview the detailed contents in the right panel. 
    • Find the data you want to extract or restore, and then check them one by one.
    • Hit the "Recover" button to save the exported files to your computer

    Recover Deleted Messages: Question - Answer

    Which devices are compatible with MobiKin for Android?

    Actually, it supports over 2000 device that you can check here. There is a very long list, so chances are maximum to found your device model in it. Also, I can mention some popular names from it like Google Nexus Devices, Google pixel 3, Samsung Galaxy S series models, Xiaomi Mi 9, Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, Sony Xperia all series and etc.

    N.B: One more interesting thing is, you can use this software without root your device. if you don't know how to do this, here is a complete guide to rooting android.

    Which Apple devices are compatible with MobiKin for iOS?

    I already told you Mobikin is advanced software, so I think it has to support all of the iOS devices. Many times people ask me, is my device support Mobikin, otherwise, the subscription amount is a loss. For that reason, I want to tell you yes, all device are supported. Also, I mentioned - iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, etc...

    Can I recover deleted text messages iPhone?

    Okay, I think there are three ways to recover deleted text messages from an iPhone. You can use iTunes, iCloud and also from third-party app. For more details, you have to read this article.

    Also, I found this video guide on the internet, here you can get an overall idea to restore deleted messages. You can visit this channel also for more, go to Howfinity.

    I hope you now completely understand how to Recover Deleted Text from you Android or iOs. So, please share this article with your friends.

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    Common FAQ

    Q: Can I retrieve deleted messages from my iPhone?
    A: Yes, you can retrieve all your messages which you have deleted from your iPhone. In this case, you can use a third-party software called MobiKin Doctor. It's a complete solution for recovery problem of iPhone. This tutorial helps you to do it easily.

    Q: How to get messages back on the new iPhone?
    A: When you purchase a new iPhone and you need all the messages in this from the old one, follow the instructions. You have to backup all your data to iCloud or iTunes. After that, sync your new iPhone with the previous iCloud id/iTunes id, and restore all the data on the current device.

    Q: How to see deleted messages on iPhone?
    A: Here you can use Mobikin Doctor as a third-party tool. At first, install this on your PC. Then connect your iPhone with pc and let the system scan your device. After that, a screen will open. Just click on Messages, and you can see all the messages which you have deleted.

    Q: How to recover deleted text messages from iPhone?
    A: To recover messages via iCloud backup is to delete your iPhone completely and try to recover it from iCloud backup, as long as you have received any messages before deleting the text messages. Check Settings> [your name]> iCloud> Manage> Storage> Backups.


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