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How to Receive SMS on your PC Without Using Cell Phone

When you are working on a PC, your smartphone can be a major distraction. For example, when you receive a text from a friend, you shift your attention away from the computer and focus it completely on your phone. Then you use the phone's tiny keyboard or touchpad to reply to messages that are not well suited for fast typing. The consequence is to lose - especially if you do something on your PC that requires all your concentration. So we need something that helps us to send SMS from pc.

It's really a big problem. But my friend, every problem must have a solution.
how to receive sms from pc without a cell phone

In a communication medium, the text message has a very much vital role. It will help us to exchange information about anything among all people. Sometimes it makes a big problem when you are so much busy in your work and have little distance from your mobile. That time “access text from your computer” plays an essential role. Also some time for commercial use, we need to use a computer for sending text messages to our senders in a bulk. In this article, I will clear your topic "How to receive SMS on pc without a cell phone".

Apps that can Receive and Send SMS from PC:

  1. Twilio
  2. Mighty Text
  3. DeskSMS
  4. Pinger Text Free Web
  5. Text Now
  6. MySMS
  7. Google Voice

If you are among those people who regularly receive lots of text messages or text conversations with your family and friends, you may want to consider getting an SMS app or joining an SMS service that connects your phone to a PC. That way, you deliver text messages directly to your computer, and you can quickly read and respond to them without spending too much time.


how to receive sms on pc without a cell phone

This is a popular platform for sending SMS via desktop with no mobile and no numbers. If you are interested in it, you can try out their trial version. To get a verification code in your free trial account, any phone number will provide you with Twilio. However, you can use any brand number (not depends) from a brand to get a verification code from Twilio to activate the "Twilio Trial Account".

In the trial version, you need to verify all the numbers you want to send because you cannot send SMS to this trial version without a verified number. But you can get the SMS on your free phone number which was given by Twilio, just log in and click on the menu in the top sidebar and select "Message". That's it, pretty easy.

Visit Twilio official website to click here.


how to receive sms on pc without a cell phone

The Mighty Text app is like a remote control device that lets you send and receive texts, photos, and emails from your PC to even a tablet. Mighty Text is a most interesting application or SMS app. With the help of Mighty text, you can easily get your MMS or SMS on your computer from your Android mobile. Actually, it just syncs all your mobile’s SMS inbox and you can easily access it. It has notification features with it, that is because you never miss any of your messages like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram also. All you have to do is install the MightyText app on your Android phone and then sign in to your Google Account.

Next, get the Google Chrome MightyText extension or use the MightyText website to sign in to the same Google Account. Your Android phone app will now send texts to your PC via the MightyText server, and you can read these texts either by extension or on the MyText website. One most interesting feature is – Mighty text can store your messages history up to six months.


how to receive sms on pc without a cell phone

DeskSMS will forward an SMS to your Google Chat Messenger, Gmail account or DeskSMS Chrome extension. To use Desk SMS, you need to install the app on your phone and then log in to popular chat messengers like Google Chat or something else.

Pinger Textfree Web

how to receive sms on pc without a cell phone

The Pinger Textfree web service lets you send in a phone number free of charge. Not like the MiteTeX app, but if you use TextFree Web, don't keep your old phone number. You need to sign up for a new number (for free) on their website.

All the text you send will be from that number - in other words, your phone is not required to use this TextFree Web.


how to receive sms on pc without a cell phone

Textnow is another better option for you if you searching for a free phone number where you only want to receive the SMS from others for your business purpose. Because when you sign up in TextNow, you get a phone number free for use to receive the text messages. But many people facing problem to access it, so I want to advise to use a VPN when you use it.

Visit textNow official Website.


how to receive sms on pc without a cell phone

MySMS is available for both Android and iOS. You will be able to receive and reply to SMS from your PC - but these messages will be charged against your plan (unless the person to whom you send the SMS has installed MySMS).

Personally, I am not trying these. So, please take a trial and please reply to your review.

Google Voice

how to receive sms on pc without a cell phone

Did you like magic? Of course yes, I think everyone loves magic, especially when it's free and your profits too. So this option does the same thing as magic. "Google Voice", of course, we hear the word and we know it's a Google product. If you use it as a reference for a desktop message, it gives you a new number for free, along with your existing mobile number. This means that you have two numbers after using Google Voice. If you want to import all the contacts of your number into the Google Voice number, you can get both the call and the message for this number in the same Google number. You can also receive e-mails with Google Voice number in reply and save all your history in it. So, Google Voice also has a useful text messaging service, including allowing you to make cheap calls. Any messages delivered to this Google Voice number will appear in your Gmail account.

To learn more about how to set up Google Voice, visit Google support pages.

Also, I published another article about this topic, please check that - How to Send and Receive SMS on PC without a Cell Phone.

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