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Google Keep Notes: Tips & Tricks

Google Keep Notes can be the most intuitive of Google's services. It's more than just a place to awaken your thoughts - missing links to bring docs, calendars, photos, and other Google services together. Here are 10 tips and tricks to unlock the full potential of Google Keep Notes:

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep Notes: 10 Tips & Tricks to Make You Master | How to use Google keep

Google Keep is a Note-taking service made by Google. Introduced on March 20, 2013, Google Keep is available on the Web, and it has mobile apps for Android and iOS operating systems. It provides various tools to receive notes, texts, lists, images and notes with audio... Wikipedia

How to use Google Keep?

This is the main thing in this article. You can know how to use Google Keep, which I explain briefly below. So without wasting your time jump to the article.
Google Keep Notes: 10 Tips & Tricks to Make You Master | How to use Google keep
How to Use Google Keep

1. Take a voice memo

Although most people use Google Keep notes to type quick notes, you can get your ideas faster even faster by using your voice. In the menu at the bottom of the main screen, you can tap the microphone icon for your note on Google Keep. It will take both of your records and copies, so if Google's dictation engine misses the word, then you have a record of it.

Google Keep Notes: 10 Tips & Tricks to Make You Master | How to use Google keep
You can point your notes to Google Keep. | Image: IDG

2. Text transcription from a picture

Audio is not the only thing that can copy Google Keep notes. If you import a photo with a word with it, Keep Notes can catch the text from it. Tap the image to open it, and then press the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and select Grab image text. Go back to your note and you will see the words in the right below, in the correct order, properly capitalized and also ready to edit.

3. Draw on your photos (or off)

Transcribing text isn’t the only thing you can do to a photo in Google Keep Notes. You can highlight, color, and share your heart content on them. Simply import or snap a photo and select the paintbrush icon to go to the markup screen. There you can select your pen style and mark the image without affecting the original file. And if you want to doodle a note, you can do this by selecting the paintbrush icon in the main menu.

Google Keep Notes: 10 Tips & Tricks to Make You Master | How to use Google keep
Scribble, doodle, and mark up notes with ease in Google Keep Notes. | Image: IDG

4. Get the Chrome extension

A browser will allow you to log in to Google Keep notes to finish the work, only the Chrome extension will let you use it as a digital locker. Download it from the Chrome Web Store and it places a small icon next to your address bar, which provides a direct link to your account. When you are browsing or working in Chrome, you can save URLs, photos, and text, and of course take notes.

5. Collaborate with a friend or colleague

Most of your Google Keep notes will be for your eyes only, but it's also easy to invite someone else to contribute or collaborate. First, you need to share in the settings of the sidebar. When you are in a note and only select Collaborate, just tap the three-dot menu at the bottom of the screen. From there you can choose to add your address to anyone who shares your address with your Google Keep app. Whenever it is edited, you will be notified (and vice versa).

Google Keep Notes: 10 Tips & Tricks to Make You Master | How to use Google keep
You can invite a collaborator to any of your notes for sharing the settings.

6. Sync with Google Docs on your PC

If you ever emailed a note text yourself, you can use it in a document or presentation, it will save you some time: Google Keep Notes is fully integrated into Google's office suite. And it may not be easy to get them synced. When a file is open in your docs or slides, then tap the logo on the right side to see the list of your saved notes. Tap one to open it, and you can make any copy, cut or edit it inside. Of course, you keep notes on any of your changes in your phone. And if you want to create a Google document just outside of a note, long press on a note and select Copy to Google Docs.

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7. Organize your notes with labels, colors, and pins

If you take a lot of notes, your Google Keep home screen can quickly become clustered like your inbox. But just like Gmail, you can easily organize it. If you long-press on a note, you'll get a series of one of its alternatives to apply a custom label with the pin, at the top of the list, to identify it later.

Google Keep Notes: 10 Tips & Tricks to Make You Master | How to use Google keep
Color-coding and labels will help keep your notes organized.

8. Create a note out of an email

If you want to create a note from an email, you can copy the text and paste it in a new note, or you can use simple shortcuts in Gmail on the web. Here's how to do it: After you open an email, click the Keep Notes icon on the right. Then click on Take a Note button and your email will appear as an attachment inside your new note. Give it a name, you're finished Choosing Done, and you'll be able to jump directly from your email with a tapping.

9. Recover a deleted note

OK, this is not just a hidden feature, but you have not noticed it before. If you accidentally delete a note-or just realize that you need it you can still recover it from the trash within seven days of deletion. Or, if you are not sure whether you need a note later, still want to close the home screen but you can simply use the Archive feature instead of deleting it. This will remove your library notes and save it to the archive folder, which is accessible on the sidebar.

Google Keep Notes: 10 Tips & Tricks to Make You Master | How to use Google keep
Image: IDG

10. Set a time or location reminder for a note

Google has a dedicated reminder application called Task, but if you do not want another application on your phone, you can set alerts for your notes so they work like reminders. Just tap the bell icon when you're in a note, and you'll be able to set a reminder for a specific date and time, or a location, as you would like to choose from a grocery store's milk or pasta.

So, I think you understand the usage of Google Keep. Actually, it works like our companion. when we have to note down something and paper-pencil is not there, that time it works. If you already don't have Google Keep, just download from Google Play Store. Click here for more.

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