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Upcoming Phones: 2019 Upcoming Android Smartphones

After a lazy year in the Android world, 2019 is set to be a debris for smartphone fans. We have already seen some interesting phones which show foldable design, punch-hole display, and six cameras. These include Samsung Galaxy S10, Nokia 9 PureView and more.
But the year is still far away. If you want to know more about the types of handsets, you can see our list of the best upcoming Android phones in 2019.

Honor 20

Upcoming Phones: 2019 Upcoming Android Smartphones

Last year's Honor 10 impressed with the combination of high-end glasses and an affordable price tag. On May 22nd in London, it will be released on October 21, which we hope to see most with respect to 20.
Nothing about the phone is yet official, but there are rumors that it will set up a 48 MP head sensor, a 20 MP secondary sensor and a 8 MP Quarterly camera with a triple camera. There will also be a 32 MP Selfie snapper on the board. Other specs and features include the P30 and Matte 20 series, 8GB RAM and 3,650mAh of the powerful battery and with Kirin 980 chipsets available.
There is no sound on the price, but we hope it will spend a little more than the predecessor, which is 400 Euro (~ $ 445).

HTC U12 Plus

Upcoming Phones: 2019 Upcoming Android Smartphones

President of HTC last year talked about the direction of his upcoming Android phone, and it seems that in the first half of next year we will not get the real HTC U12 Plus heir. Apparently, HTC's current plan "expanded" the UK 12-plus range. Although HTC did not tell us more about it when we reached it, it could be set for a slightly upgraded U12 plus H1 2019.
For HTC UK12 Plus, it's going to take a great deal as a great camera and innovative edge-sensing feature, but it has caused a lot of damage that has hit sales. It includes a malicious software experience, terrible stress sensitive buttons and a price tag that are very much involved. We hope HTC inheritors of U12 Plus will solve all these problems.
Launch ETA: First half of 2019

Pocophone F2

Upcoming Phones: 2019 Upcoming Android Smartphones

Xiaomi  made with the announcement of the PocoPhone F1, titles were made last year. Why the phone offers excellent value for money. Starting from just 330 euros (~ 370 dollars), there are snapdragon 845 chipsets, 6GB RAM, a large battery and back dual camera setup.
This year, we hope the company will release its successor - "Pocophon F2". We do not know anything about phones now, but we hope that it will follow the same recipe that F1 has made it successful. This means that high-end glasses at the price-points, which reduce competition by a wide margin.
In addition to the latest snapdragon chipset and a ton of RAM, we hope that the phone will come with NFC, a good design, and some other things that can be checked out in our Pocofone F2 deliberate post.
Launch ETA: August

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Upcoming Phones: 2019 Upcoming Android Smartphones

The Galaxy S10 series has already been announced, which means Samsung flagship Galaxy Note 10 of the Sea in the year 2019. Based on the previous year the phone will be announced in August or September.
The rumor spreads We see some different types of Galaxy Note 10, of which a 5G ready. As far as the specs go, we hope the latest Snapdragon 855 / Exynos 9820 chipset, an in-display fingerprint scanner and a headphone jack is expected. Early rumors The handset  with 4 rear camera, which seems to feature two more features than the note. These things make note 10 which is one of the most expected upcoming Android phones of the year 2019.
All of this will come in a price. The phone may cost more than the predecessor, which means the anti-level variant will be retail for $ 1,000.
Launch ETA: August or September

Google Pixel 4 series

Upcoming Phones: 2019 Upcoming Android Smartphones

The Google Pixel 4 series, which probably consists of Google's Pixel 4 and 4XL, can be its debut in October. We are still months away from releasing them, we do not officially know anything about two upcoming Android phones. But we think they will be camera-focused, just like before.
We hope they can run the next version of Android, now it's known as the Android Q. In pixels 3a and 3a XL, they will often have a flagship phone powered by Qualcomm's latest high-end chipset - probably the Snapdragon 855.
Other specs and features include Wireless Charging, an IP 68 rating and Active Edge technology that allows you to call Google Assistant by narrowing the edges of phones. There is no sound on the price, but at least the amount of money to pay for the Pixel 3 phone.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Huawei announced P30 Pro in March, which means the next flagship from the company Mate 30 Pro. Based on the previous Mate Phone, 30 Pro will probably be published in October.
We have heard many rumors about the phone so far, but we hope it will come with the upcoming Kirin 990 chipset under the hood. We hope to see a better camera, a better in-display fingerprint scanner and an improved reverse wireless charging feature.
The phone will have a larger display, which will measure at least 6.5-inches to make it larger than the P30 Pro. We expect price prices, the entry-level variant can cost over 1,000 Euros (~ $ 1,115).

Motorola Razr foldable phone

Looks like Motorola plans to bring Razr series back The company is working on a foldable phone, which is expected to launch a bit this year. A proper date is not known, but the company plans to enter the market at the same time as its competitors. Samsung and Huawei have already released their foldable phone, Motorola cannot be far behind.
Motorola Razr foldable phone (name is still confirmed) vertically and features two displays. Depending on the previous patent filing, when it is closed and a small display is open it has a small display in it.
According to spaces, there are rumors that it is a mid-range device that will play games for Snapdragon 710 chipsets, 6GB RAM and 2730 mAh batteries. It may cost as much as $ 1,500, but we do not know for sure until it is officially published. In the United States this is probably the Verizon-exclusive
Launch ETA: Sometime in 2019

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Upcoming Phones: 2019 Upcoming Android Smartphones

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